KOIN Workshops

KOIN workshops are conducted annually at several locations across the state. The purpose of the workshops is to provide an orientation to new or prospective members and provide current members with updates concerning public health preparedness for vulnerable or at-risk populations. Ideas for new materials and resources are welcomed to support KOIN member roles and their ability to communicate during emergencies.

2016 KOIN Workshop Materials

Workshop Sign-In Form

KOIN Opening Remarks

Kentucky Functional & Access Needs Collaborative 2016 Update

Active Aggressor/Active Shooter

Pet and Animal Emergency Planning

Vulnerable Populations and Climate-Related Health Impacts

Zika Virus Update

2016 KOIN/KFNC Workshop Taping

2015 KOIN Workshop Materials

Workshop Sign-In​

2015 KOIN Update​

Assisting Non-English Speaking Individuals During Emergencies and Disasters​

Kentucky Center for School Safety​

Kentucky Emergency Preparedness and Response Challenges to High Risk Frail Older Persons Living in HUD-Funded Housing

Project CARAT: Coordinating and Assisting the Reuse of Assistive Technology

Protection Through Immunizations

2015 KOIN/KFNC Workshop Taping​

2014 KOIN Workshop Materials

2014 KOIN Update

Health Risks and Resources Across Kentucky Map

Chronic Disease Disaster Preparedness Patient Resource Manual

Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board - Responding in a Disaster

Kentucky Programs for the Elderly - Ensuring Services During Emergencies and Disasters

2013 KOIN Workshop Materials

2013 KOIN Update

Kynect, The Affordable Care Act and the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange

2013 Functional and Access Needs (FAN) Update

Needs of the Blind Population During Emergencies

Pediatric Preparedness

Needs of Mental Health Patients During Emergencies

2012 KOIN Workshop Materials

 ”I Can’t Hear Your Call” - Communicating with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Population During an Emergency

”What About Me?” - A Glimpse into the World of a Person with a Disability During a Disaster

”Don’t Leave Me Behind!” - Older Persons in the Communithy and Long Term Care


2011 KOIN Workshop Materials

If you were unable to attend the April 28, 2011 KOIN Workshop, it is available as a webcast at the Kentucky Department for Public Health's TRAIN Kentucky website (Webcast-2011 Kentucky Outreach & Information Network (KOIN) Workshop-Course ID# 1027731-2011 KOIN Workshop Materials

2011 KOIN Annual Workshop Powerpoint Slides

KOIN Communication Survey 2010 - Technologies and capabilities summary report tracking composition of network and its capability to function in emergencies.

KOIN Discussion Questions - list of questions to prompt discussion among KOIN members.

Personal Readiness Assessment - assessment that encourages KOIN members to think about the individual and organizational preparations needed to act when a KOIN alert is issued.

Resilience Framework - outlines factors and capabilities required for the KOIN to be resilient and function in the event of a KOIN alert.

Resiliency Materials and Resources to Support Network - provides a description of the materials and tools provided on the Resource CD and listed in the Resilience Framework document.

Resiliency Mental Drill Exercise for New Madrid Seismic Zone National Level Exercise 2011 - provides information for thinking systematically about the actions and decisions needed to respond to a defined major earthquake scenario.

Resiliency Mental Tabletop Exercise for The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut Exercise - provides information for thinking systematically about the actions and decisions needed to respond to the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut drill.

2010 KOIN Workshop Materials

KOIN Alert Plan - Important points for KOIN members during emergency activation of the network

KOIN Member Checklist - Informative preparedness checklist for KOIN members

KOIN Member ID Card - Card describing what the KOIN that can be filled in with KOIN member name and organization to use in emergencies

KOIN Member Role - Describes rules and responsibilities for KOIN members to follow for emergency communications



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